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Initial Crowdfunding Analysis

This is the type of service you need if you are new to the world of Crowdfunding and want some initial guidance. It involves a free 30-minute call during which we will discuss your goals and why you want to embark on a  crowdfunding project.
We will recommend the most suitable platform for the market and guide you on the steps you need to take to succeed. 

This service is free, just reach out to us and we’ll schedule a phone appointment.

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Crowdfunding Consultation

This is the service you need if you want help setting up your crowdfunding campaign, but already have an internal team ready to work on it.

We’ll analyze your project together, help you draft a Business Plan that showcases your product’s full potential and avoid common pitfalls, and build a tailored roadmap for you and your team.
The consultation consists of two 60-minute calls and includes:

  • Feasibility analysis and product positioning.
  • Business Plan creation
  • Marketing Funnel ideation
  • Social advertising strategy creation
  • Email marketing strategy creation

The cost of this consultation is 400 euros.
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Crowdfunding Management

This is the service you need if you want us to completely handle your crowdfunding project. We’ll work closely with you from start to finish and personally manage your Editorial Plan, Advertising, and Email Marketing. We’ll oversee both the pre-launch phase and the actual crowdfunding campaign.
To ensure the best service for all our projects, we can’t take on more than 15 crowdfunding campaigns per year, so spots are limited and we recommend that you get in touch far ahead of your proposed launch date. .

The cost of this service is variable, but it will  always be a percentage of the actual crowdfunding earnings between 5% and 10%.

Our fee is lower if you are a new publisher or first time author because we really believe in helping emerging talents.

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